Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pratiti Jaipur - The February Meetup

Gathering in the morning
Saturday, 20th February, 2016, saw the Pratiti Jaipur participants get together for their inaugural monthly workshop at the spacious office grounds of the Pravah Jaipur Initiative.

Settling down for conversations
The day began with the participants sharing about the gender conversations they had initiated within their organizations and communities from the knowledge they had gained in the 3 day workshop held in January. Priyanka and Mukesh from Magic Bus shared how they were able to go back to their communities and hold more informed conversations on gender not only among the children they were working with, but also with their parents.

Priyanka narrates her experience
Priyanka infact shared a beautiful example of how learning about the tools of listening, combined with the confidence she gained after the 3 day workshop, enabled her to have a more detailed conversation with a girl's parents, who were planning to discontinue her schooling. She said she was happy that she was able to frame an interaction through which she was able to connect with the parents, and more importantly, make them comfortable enough to listen to her views and contemplate about rethinking their decision.

Hari shares his views
Post the sharing was the first activity of the day, 'Bridge Crossing', designed to encourage team work, to allow the participants to learn from each other and also freely seek each other's support in the face of challenges. Divided into two teams, the participants collectively decided upon various strategies within their teams through which they helped each other fulfill their objective within a set time.

Prepping for the race

Where do we go from here!?
After a small break for tea and kachoris, and a couple of fun energizer activities, participants split organization-wise to plan and develop the gender-based action projects they would pursue over the coming months in their organization's sphere of work. They were guided on how to design their projects in a systematic manner, to fulfill their objectives while respecting PFP's and their own organization's values, and how to seek support of their respective PFP mentors to refine and develop their project further.

Bhavna contemplates

Breaking into a jig

All smiles
Each organizational team presented its first draft of action projects, with the idea of working on it further in the coming weeks.

Action Project Discussion

Concluding conversations

Movie screening
The long, exhaustive day of activities and interactions concluded with a movie screening session, with participants readying themselves to take the plunge in challenging Gender Based Violence in their own areas of work in the days to come.


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Friday, February 12, 2016

Pratiti in Jaipur - The beginning

The Pratiti Fellowship, PFP’s flagship project, supported by UN-Habitat and the Narotam Seksharia Foundation was launched in Jaipur with the intention of galvanizing social action around Gender Based Violence (GBV) across the city via working with young people within community organizations, media, colleges and other institutions.

Between January and June, 2016, Pratiti will work with 13 young individuals from across 5 reputed social change organizations, including Magic Bus, Smile Foundation, Pravah Jaipur Initiative, Vishakha (Bagru + Udaipur) and Azad Foundation

Participants from each organization will work together to create and execute an action project revolving around any key issue they may see in their organization’s community of intervention. 

Via the Pratiti Fellowship, PFP is committed to training these participants to eventually: · 
  • Create positive shift in attitudes and beliefs on gender in their communities of work · 
  • Build their own capacity on mind-set change and addressing gender issues · 
  • Engage in direct action on a key gender issue affecting their work or community 

The first workshop!

Pratiti Jaipur began with a 3 day workshop held on 28, 29 and 30 January, 2016 at the serene premises of the Institute of Cooperative Management, Jaipur. Over the course of 3 days, the 13 participants not only engaged in intense discussions on gender and the challenges they face in their own communities, but also immersed themselves in a variety of fun activities including a screening of the understated and powerful 'When Four Friends Meet', groups skits and games.

Below are a few glimpses:
Arushi explains about gender and self
Aditya facilitates a session
During a game
At play again
Team Azad introduces its work
In discussion
Aditya explains about the privilege activity
Teams prepping themselves
Get set go!
Showcasing their work
Participants ponder
Team Pravah invites feedback

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