Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Energetic, passionate and committed: Pratiti Fellows - Bhopal 2017 !

        Varsha Yadav, 19, volunteers with Aksharika Education Foundation and studies Fashion Technology at Women’s Polytechnic College. She wants to be a fashion designer and make her parents proud.  
      Jyoti Sahu, a vibrant 19 year old is passionate about teaching kids living in slum areas. She could not continue her academics after 12th and this has been her motivation to work for the child education. She is now voluntarily engaged with Aksharika Education Foundation and in future also she wants to continue her work on education.

Amreen Sherab is an 18 year old girl who studied till 10th standard is currently working voluntarily with Eka and is also a part of a youth group in her community. She takes interest in social work and wants to continue it in future also, specifically with children on child abuse and drug de-addiction.

Arshi Qureshi, an 18 year old who is currently pursuing higher secondary education regularly volunteers working with Eka and is also a part of a youth group in her community. She is passionate about her studies and theatre, and wants to work in the social sector, specifically on gender issues.        


Vaibhav Nagle, 20, is a final year polytechnic student volunteering with Sahara Saksharta Educational & Social Welfare Society. Passionate, determined and inquisitive, Vaibhav is a keen learner and aspires to build a new society without gender based violence and discrimination. He envisions a society where everyone can live respectfully and can make independent choices.

Sana Sheikh
, an 18 year old girl currently volunteers with the organization, Sahara Saksharta Educational & Social Welfare Society and loves to work with kids. In future she wants to work with Muslim Girls to help them get freedom from social and religious norms. She is also pursuing BBA from SAM Girls’ College.


      Fiza Khan, an 18 year old, first year IGNOU student is passionate about social work, currently works voluntarily with Pahal, Bhopal and aspires to be a social activist. Her inquisitive mind always wants to know more about diverse people and she believes that to work for people, she needs to be expert in identifying their issues. She feels confident after joining Pratiti as she admits that it has helped to build a better understanding on Gender.

Sanjana Singh Rajput, a 32 year old transgender, is an enthusiastic fellow who studied only till 10th standard and today, she is a passionate and active social worker. She currently works independently to mainstream the transgender community and help them access their rights. She has been the brand ambassador for Swachh Bharat in MP and feels supported and inspired after joining Pratiti !


Sunny Hake (L), 21, is pursuing his final year of graduation from Benazeer College and is passionate to work with kids and youth. He volunteers with NIWCYD Bachpan and is also a part of a youth group in his community. Sunny enjoys dancing in his leisure time and is a good actor.

      Rakesh Hirve, a 23 year old graduate is currently studying child development, a TISS course from BSS College and also volunteers with NIWCYD Bachpan. He wants to be a social worker and plans to work on violence against women in near future.

      Purnima Nishad, who is pursuing 12th from a private institution, volunteers with NIWCYD Bachpan and is part of youth group in her community. This 23 year old also works in a tailor shop as she takes interest in stitching. She wants to continue her study and aims to become an IPS Officer in future.


      Hemlata Kumari, 21, is pursuing her B.com final year and currently working as a volunteer with Aawaj. She is a pro-active person who is always ready to help others in any circumstances and wants to be social activist in her near future. 


Tarun Kumar Singh, a vibrant 21 year old volunteers with Aawaj and is pursuing B.Com final year from Government PG College, BHEL Bhopal along with B.S.W. from Mahila Baal Vikas. He envisions a society where there would be no violence, discrimination against women and wants to work for women empowerment. Tarun is feeling confident, positive and articulate after joining Pratiti.

Laila, a 24 year old transgender working with Sanjana Singh Rajput independently to mainstream the transgender community and helping them access their rights. She wants to be in social sector. She loves dancing in her leisure time.
    20 year old Rahul Malviya is currently pursuing B.Com final year from Govt Naveen College as well as BSW and volunteers with RTI activist organization Aawaj. An explorer in nature, he is passionate about  Human Rights and wants to eradicate corruption from every government sector  so that people can enjoy their basic fundamental rights. He aspires to be a motivational speaker and a good accountant.

 Subhash Garg is a 24 year old commerce graduate from Hamidia College who currently volunteers with Awaj. He is passionate about human rights and wants to take this forward in the future. He feels that Pratiti workshop has been an eye opener for him to understand society and its issues in a better way.

Vaibhav Soni is pursuing BMLT, 2nd year in Ayushmaan College. This 20 year old volunteers with NIWCYD Bachpan and aspires to be a social activist in future.  

Ashish Dikosta, a 30 year old is a MSW final year student in Swami Vivekananda University. He left his job to work on social issues, currently works with Pahal as well as teaches in school. He wants to pursue his passion of teaching kids from underprivileged areas in future as well. He considers himself a traveler who loves to interact and meet new people.   

Kiran Gawai is a volunteer at Eka. This 20 year old is pursuing her B.com 2nd year from Sarojini Naidu College and loves dancing, singing, reading in her leisure time. She aspires to be a charted accountant in future.



Nisha Kushwaha, an 18 year old fellow is pursuing her 2nd year, Arts from Sarojini Naidu Girls’ College. and volunteers with Sahara Saksharta Educational & Social welfare Society. She loves to spend time with kids through activities like drawing competition, excursions etc. She takes interest in her education and in future she aspires to become an IAS Officer.

Priyanka Nagar, who is a volunteer in Sahara Saksharta Educational & Social Welfare Society, is pursuing B.ED after completing her M.com. This 23 year old is passionate about teaching. She is currently associated with two major projects - Beti Bachao and Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. She aspires to be a school teacher in future.


Ashish Malviya is a vibrant young 19 year old who volunteers with Sahara Saksharta Educational & Social Welfare Society, and is pursuing his higher secondary education. He is very fond of education, and likes to help others and to do things that are beneficial for the society. He feels that he is too young to predict his future and is excited about his Pratiti journey for now.

Neha Singh Tomar, 18, could not continue her studies after higher secondary and currently volunteers with Aksharika Education Foundation. She loves teaching underprivileged kids and is also a self defence trainer. Along with social work, she wants to continue her education.


Sana Khan is currently working with Pahal Organisation voluntarily.