Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Meet our partner organizations for Pratiti Bhopal 2017

Aawaj is a Bhopal based organization which works to promote Right to Information (RTI) Act. They implement community interventions to inform young people about RTI and awareness campaigns to help them also file RTIs. Gender is one of the burning social challenges in the communities where Aawaj operates and hence, they feel it is important for their youth volunteers to understand gender and approach gender issues sensitively using RTIs. 

Aksharika Education Foundation deploys a fresh, youthful and spirited approach to non-formal education in the state of Madhya Pradesh. They use innovative modules and approaches to promot primary education, girl child education, girl child safety, child rights, women rights, literacy and environment awareness. Removing gender bias and discrimination is one of the corner stone for Aksharika's work and they dream to create an All Girls Team of Teachers and Trainers. Pratiti is a step towards strengthening their capacity to acheive these goals.


Eka- the communicator’s collective
is a registered non-profit trust. It is a group of rights-based Development Communicators actively engaged in the study, practice and dissemination of a concept called "Participatory Communication & Action". 
Gender is a cross cutting theme in all the work they do and Gender Equity & Equality, Gender Justice, Gender based Discrimination & Violence are gradually becoming a part of the discussions and action of their collectives.  They are in a phase of deepening their everyday engagement on how society perceives gender as a social construct and the demands that it makes from individuals. And through Pratiti, their youth volunteers are able to lead these conversations in their own communities.
NIWCYD Bachpan is working in three states - Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh for tribal and rural development through the process of complete empowerment of the communities to become self sufficient, thereby reducing or eliminating their dependence on external support for any issue or difficulty they may face. Members of their youth groups across diverse communities in Bhopal are getting trained as local change makers through their participation in Pratiti.

works on community development through education, youth empowerment and skill development. Simultaneously, they also work on child rights. A young organisation, Pahal specifically faces challenges while promoting girl child education and has partnered with Pratiti to build their understanding and capacity to transform the deep rooted gender norms that promote gender discrimination. 

Sahara Sakhsharta Educational & Social Welfare Society
 approaches various social issues like Environment & Forest, Health & Family Welfare, Micro Finance (SHGs), Women Development & Empowerment. They are a volunteer driven organization that implements multi-faceted projects in different communities and face challenges while intervening on women's issues. They feel that they need to understand gender issues well and the appropriate approaches towards the same and hence have partnered with Pratiti.