Monday, March 14, 2016

Pratiti in Bhopal - The beginning

People for Parity's flagship Pratiti Fellowship, supported by UN-Habitat and the Narotam Seksharia Foundation, was launched successfully in its 3rd target city of intervention, Bhopal, with the intention of reaching out to young people and galvanizing action around the issue of gender and Gender Based Violence.

Between March and June, 2016, Pratiti will work with 27 young individuals from across 7 prominent social change organizations: 13 men and 14 women working in different capacities in a range of communities and brought together by their passion to challenge Gender Based Violence. The organizations include:
  • Eka
  • Synergy Sansthan
  • Sathiya
  • ActionAid Network Office
  • Pahal
  • Pioneer
  • NIWCYD Bachpan

Pratiti's reach promises to extend beyond Bhopal given that a majority of participants are engaged in community level work across various regions in Madhya Pradesh, including Harda, Betul and Raisen.

Via the Pratiti Fellowship, PFP is committed to training these participants to eventually: · 

  • Create positive shift in attitudes and beliefs on gender in their communities of work · 
  • Build their own capacity on mind-set change and addressing gender issues · 
  • Engage in direct action on a key gender issue affecting their work or community 

The first workshop!

The first Pratiti Bhopal workshop saw the 27 participants converge at the pristine premises of the Institute of Cooperative Management, Bhopal. Between 3rd-5th March, 2016, the 27 participants engaged in fun group activities, intense conversations, skits, games and movie screenings, sharing with simple honesty about the instances of Gender Based Violence they have faced or witnessed over the course of their work. 

Below are a few glimpses:

DAY 1:

Round of introductions - My name is...

A round of acting: Portraying farmer women

The activities begin
Engaging in the first session
A game of chocolates
Rubina and Sunil share their stories through the Chai-Coffee deep listening session
Group story-creation on the open terrace

Sharing in teams
Samadhan reviews his experiences
Arushi jots down the day's learnings

DAY 2:

In rapt attention
Pawan puts forward a point
A fun discussion
Divya shares
Prepping for the Power Walk 

Working their way through the Walk
Analysing their learning together

Excited by what they have learnt

Arushi holds a final session
Outcomes from the day

DAY 3:

Pardeh ke peeche kaun hai?
Poonam shares her views
Readying themselves for the group presentations

Team Pioneer
Team Pahal
Team ActionAid
A click within a pic
Team Sathiya
Team Bachpan
Team Synergy
Team Eka
All smiles!
A special group photo thanks to the ICM folks!


Follow the Pratiti blog to receive more updates about the Bhopal fellows and their journey against Gender Based Violence over the coming months!


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