Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Group Update - From 'Pigs in a Blanket'

The cohort of 20 Pratiti fellows have commenced their on-ground work on gender issues close to their hearts. They are doing this in groups of 4, with a total of 5 groups being formed so far. The Pratiti blog will host the stories and experiences of each of these groups as they traverse through their powerful change-making journeys over the next 2 months while learning more about their own lives and communities in the process...

The passionate folks from the quirkily named Pigs in a Blanket intend to work towards creating a safe university space for LGBTQIA community support systems to be able to discuss and share experiences and issues relating to gender, sexuality and identity. 

Here's Neha from the group sharing a quick update from their side:

"After spending days endlessly messaging each other (thank humankind for tech, imagine if we were using pigeons or owls...we would have a mutiny on our hands by now), we seem to have successfully charted a map for our goal of setting up a safe university space for discourse on gender, identity, and related issues.
Thanks to the much appreciated efforts of Dhruv, the venue is nearly sorted. {insert crazy dance here}
Big shout out to our resident psychologist Kanak for working hard on the guidelines, ice breakers and whatnot for the upcoming meetings, and the amazing Anubha for working on the banners, posters, and promotions. Whew!
With enough wind in our sails, and an icebox full of ('legal', we promise!) energy drinks, we hope our little dinghy will sail through. 
Aye, to the horizon me hearties!"

Follow the Pratiti blog for more beautiful updates from the different groups as they share their journeys of growth and transformation into gender leaders over the next 2 months...

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