Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Group Update - From 'Footprints'

The cohort of 20 Pratiti fellows have commenced their on-ground work on gender issues close to their hearts. They are doing this in groups of 4, with a total of 5 groups being formed so far. The Pratiti blog will host the stories and experiences of each of these groups as they traverse through their powerful change-making journeys over the next 2 months while learning more about their own lives and communities in the process...

The dedicated fellows from Footprints - Vineet, Sapna, Karnika & Deepak - are working on a cause they deeply connect with in their personal lives: the conflict between urban middle class parents and the youth over expectations to get married and the role of gender in defining or driving these expectations.

Here's Vineet from the group sharing a quick update from their side:

(L-R) Vineet, Sapna & Karnika at work

"Footprints has been going about its work in a fairly planned and meticulous manner, much to the amazement of yours truly who doesn’t exactly function as a Type A personality.
In the last three weeks, we have already identified and developed a clear project, that aims to facilitate communications between the urban middle class youth in NCR with their parents about the topic of marriage, as well as unearth the root of conflict that may exist between both sets of parties about marriage.
Through Skype calls, a Facebook group and even a meeting hosted by People for Parity at its office, we have gone about getting all the tasks done as per the schedule that we had prepared at the very outset for our work.
Credit for the incredible efficiency and professionalism goes to Sapna and Karnika for bring an incredible sense of calm and composure, and an inevitability of diligent execution of set tasks, as well as for bearing up with Deepak and I.
With their assured leadership, I am quite confident that we will end up with a brilliant and insightful project in the next few weeks..."

Follow the Pratiti blog for more beautiful updates from the different groups as they share their journeys of growth and transformation into gender leaders over the next 2 months...

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  1. :) as well as for bearing up with deepak and i .... it's true