Monday, October 19, 2015

The journey thus far - Megha speaks

Megha Mukherjee

"I am Megha, an aspiring lawyer, a travel freak & a foodie. 
My philosophy is 'Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing'. I love adventure sports & I’m an avid reader. An inherent fighting spirit, a strong persona & fearless attitude defines me. I am passionate about helping people & for the same I’ve been working with an NGO for the past 3 years."

Megha is among the 20 fellows selected for the Pratiti journey in Delhi.
Read what she has to say about her experiences so far:

"When I was asked to share my experience so far in Pratiti, frankly speaking I stared for hours at my laptop for I really couldn’t find words to express my journey. This fellowship has cleaned up my lenses now and I have a better view of the world itself. 

I still remember while surfing through my FB account, I came across the PFP link & casually filled up the fellowship form. On the first day of the workshop, I was intrigued to see such diversity. I guess curiosity took the better of me & I decided to continue my fellowship. 

I admit initially I resisted any attempt to open up in the workshop, that I robotically went through most of the part for the sake of it, but in reality even without me realizing it, I was getting out of my comfort zone. In the end it was so overwhelming I cried like a child and I have never been more thankful, for those tears were bottled up conflicts and pain that washed off that day. I was so afraid of broken bridges that I was burning whatever was left. I was not allowing anyone to be remotely near me. In short I was drowning. This fellowship has pushed me to a better understanding of my own emotions. It enabled me to let people in. I now have a better perspective on Gender & Violence. 

How can one word have a deep impact on who you are? My team MARS took up this very cause & we are trying to bridge that gap, establish self-realization and create awareness in relation to Mental Violence. One thing I have surely learnt in the past few months “our gender, our stories are different but pain is the same, only the level fluctuates, we all hope for nothing but a better future “. 

For the first time in years I hope we get our shot in that future. This journey for me has just started and it’s a long road ahead but now I am not afraid anymore, just very excited..."

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