Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The journey thus far - Samrat speaks

Samrat Sharma

"I am Samrat Sharma, 28 from Delhi. Presently, I am pursuing Mphil from Delhi University. I am also a certified commercial pilot in USA and India but my passion lies in reading and travelling. I enjoy reading a good book, a walk with my pet dogs and sometimes writing poetry." 

Samrat is among the 20 fellows selected for the Pratiti journey in Delhi.
Read what he has to say about his experiences so far:

"It’s a myth - that change is never good. I chanced upon People for Parity’s Pratiti Fellowship and applied for it without any prior experience or knowledge. Change was good. Until recently I had immersed myself in theoretical knowledge about gender within the four walls of my room and without any regard for the personal (not only of myself but others as well). 

It is during the workshops, which were spread over a period of two months, that I learnt several important aspects about gender with respect to the community and the ‘self’. What I particularly liked about the workshops was the fact that I met people from different backgrounds, who together questioned class, caste, gender, sex, age and other topics considered either sensitive or taboo. It helped me fight my problem of extreme anxiety and self-judgment. 

Nevertheless, I would not characterize Pratiti as merely a therapeutic space as it would be reductive and an insult to its purpose. It is a place of learning where I could let down my guard and debate on topics without feeling attacked. This I consider a milestone in my life as I stepped out of my comfort zone especially that in my house. I believe this is what Pratiti means when it stresses about being part of a community. 

Now being part of a team and our action projects near completion, the last few months seem surreal- a stressful surreal dream. We all pushed ourselves physically, emotionally, psychologically... but what we gained is permanent. 

I believe I shall not be too scared to question issues close to my heart, even if I am wrong (so what if I am wrong?). I will learn something new..."

Follow the Pratiti blog for more beautiful updates from the fellows as they narrate their journeys of growth and transformation into gender leaders over the next 2 months...

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