Monday, October 26, 2015

The journey thus far - Pratibha speaks

Pratibha Arya

"Hi I’m Pratibha. I am doing my Masters in Gender Studies from Ambedkar University Delhi. I love to interact with new people because I think everyone has some unique thoughts and perceptions and you can learn something new from them. I also love to read fiction and epistolary novels. "

Pratibha is among the 20 fellows selected for the Pratiti journey in Delhi.
Read what she has to say about her experiences so far:

"One of the most courageous things one can do is to identify the violence within oneself and how one is going to go against it. I would be starting from the very first day, when I got to know about Pratiti the fellowship. I found it very intensive and was deeply resonated by it. 

This journey began with a workshop over 3 days. I was very excited, thinking that now is the time to reflect and explore more about Gender Based Violence (GBV). The residential workshop proved to be very energetic and intensive. It helped me to disperse a lot of the violence present inside me and brought a major change as I began to develop into a non-judgmental person. I have been able to begin to challenge GBV in my life. 

The other fellows are very supportive and I think for me, it is incredibly motivating to be surrounded by such enthusiastic group members. It’s already been four months into Pratiti. With work ongoing on action projects, my team is all set to speak up and act, on making some steps to unchain the dichotomy of gender stereotypes in public spaces that will hopefully forge a small, meaningful change for all genders and bring gender equality. The Pratiti journey continues to grow for me and I believe a lot more is still to come as I continue my fellowship with such beautiful fellows..."

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